Welcome to NewNigeriaOrNothing.com. A website dedicated to bringing positive affirmation to the change we all want in Nigeria. We all need truly independent journalism now more than ever to counter disinformation and hold the powerful to account at a time of profound change.

Note! New Nigeria or Nothing is not just a blog but a movement on a mission to create positive change in Nigeria, giving groundbreaking news that gives the citizens a reason to see a better tomorrow in this country. We’re here to give you the most relevant and updated stories in politics, entertainment, and how we can all see the dream country we all crave for.

There will always be people who are resistant to change. Change is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be scary. However, we’ve decided not to be among the people who just wish and want a better Nigeria. Through this platform, we’ve decided to take action, share our vision, communicate through our voices, and trust to see a better Nigeria. You can decide to join the movement and also share the same vision of this platform; after all, we all want a secure and safe place for our coming generation, and for that to happen it all starts now.

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