Why do you need to join the movement of New Nigeria or Nothing.com?

Nigeria is our home, our land, and if we run it’ll become the home of strangers; and that is why we must stand to see a new Nigeria.

Everybody is tired of the current situation of the country, everybody desires a new Nigeria.

It’s time to see who we are, we are a giant and not just an ordinary nation, and for every reason, we should have the best life in our own country.

We will like to have people of like minds who still believe the system of this great nation can take a new turn. We want volunteers who are visionaries, with a renewed mind that something positive can still happen.

Remember that Nigeria is our home no matter what happens, not everybody will be able to run, and even if we run we can’t run with our whole family. Our heritage is in our own country after all there is no place like home.

That’s why we want like-minded people who are ready to stand for a better future in this country. 

It is time to stop complaining and be the change you desire in Nigeria. We must choose to see beyond the limitation around us, and instead focus on the dream out in front of us.